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Thread: Reloading setup

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    Reloading setup

    Ideal quality setup for starting reloading: just add dies and vernier caliper...
    I am first offering this as a complete package, before splitting.

    -Lyman Crusher II reloading press. Boxed with all parts and paperwork- as good as new. I can also include a fitted wooden base that allows the press to be g-clamped to a table.
    -Lyman Pro 500 beam scales. Boxed with all parts and paperwork- as new.
    -K&M Precision flash hole deburrer and primer pocket uniformer (for large primer pockets)
    -RCBS primer pocket cleaner- brush and handle- (for large primers).
    -RCBS (Wilson) chamfer & deburrer tool.
    -RCBS trickler.
    -RCBS kinetic hammer bullet puller (with all 3 collets)
    -Lee Auto Prime, hand priming tool with both small and large primer attachments. Including shell holder for .243/.308 etc size cases. Boxed.
    -Hornady Comparator body & .243 and 6.5mm inserts.
    -Lee case trimmer with lock stud and length gauge for .243.

    I will sell all this for 275 including postage.
    Please PM if interested.
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