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I found my walnut stock on here and got it sent all the way from OZ. great place for help and advice re: older sako's etc.



To all members of Sako Collectors Club!

We have obtained copies of the original Sako Factory Records!!!

Yes it is actually true!

Thanks to Mims Reed from SCA, we have ben given access to these files and wewill share lots of the contents with you the great members of SCC!

A few examples of what weve found so far!

It seems that there were 4 Sako L46 Deluxes made in .22 Hornet!

All the L46s in the second run (1964-1965) were .222Rem, .222RemMag and 7x33.

Shipping records show that L61R #7, a .30-06, was shipped to FirearmsInternational on 13 January 1962

We have other interesting news to share with you as well so please visit us at http://www.sakocollectors.com/forum/threads/scc-have-found-the-sako-factory-records.10554/

We have also set up a new service where you can find out all the nitty grittydetails about your rifles, http://store.sakocollectors.com

Please check in at SCC to gain access to all the news and details!

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Well met at SCC!

Jim D. Staf
Sako Collectors Club