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Thread: BMW R1200GS motorcycle

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    BMW R1200GS motorcycle

    2008 BMW R1200GS

    £3,700 (ONO)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my beloved and ultimate motorcycle. Declared new in February 2008, and owned by me since January 2011. I have covered over 30,000 miles on it. It was the one vehicle I needed before marriage and children forced me to learn to drive a car, including several shooting outings with a rifle strapped across the back seat and panniers.

    I am only trying to sell because we are going to emigrate and I won’t need a bike at our destination, at least not for a couple of years. My son, as you can see, will be devastated by the loss - he is already convinced it is his bike!

    So, there are a few battle-scars and blemishes as might be expected of a bike that has been in frequent use its whole life. The rocker covers are scratched, and the rear light Perspex is cracked. Both of these can be replaced with new or used parts from motorworks or similar BMW suppliers. Other than that there is some corrosion on the foot pegs and some other exposed parts, see the photographs. Again, as to be expected of a bike of this age. The mileage is high, at 98k, but, these boxer twins are very under stressed over-engineered machines – come and try it if you don’t believe me, it will do another 100k if it continues to be well maintained.

    There are good points to this bike. Despite the 57 plate, it is a 2008 “facelift” model, with a slightly different aesthetic to the previous R1200GSs, and 5% more power across a broader rev-limit. All the servicing and work I have had done on this bike has been done by Brian Giles (BGM). The rear shock was completely re-built in February and the rear brake disc was replaced at the same time (Brembo – same as OEM). Normal service items have been done at the correct intervals as set out by BMW, or whenever needed (bulbs, brake pads, tyres, etc). I have both keys, the owner’s manual and the oil filler cap removal tool, as well as a fair bit of paperwork and service history.

    There are some things that do need to be sorted: the tyres are low, and the front disks are thin, they went through the last MOT in February 2015, but I doubt they will be accepted at another. It also needs a good clean, although I might have got around to doing that before you get to look at it in person, if that’s what you want to do. The only other issue is that the tyre air-pressure sensor batteries are flat. Replacing them isn’t that expensive, but paying a BMW dealership to reprogram them has just not been a priority for me. It does bring up an error light on the instrument panel, but since I always check the pressures myself, and keep the tyres to the recommended filling, it hasn’t bothered me enough to spend money on.

    The bike does come with some extras:

    BMW 90 degree tyre valve adaptor, allows use of any air pump without the risk of damaging the valves.

    Full BMW Vario luggage set – key matched to the bike’s ignition keys

    Mammoth bike lock (visible in some photos) with both keys. It is Thatcham sold-secure so can give a bit of an insurance discount from some providers, and is a minimum requirement from some others.

    Optimate battery trickle charger

    Optimate permanent battery connector (fitted to the bike)

    Starcom1 Advance hard wired intercom. Fitted to the bike using the professional fitting kit. Also 2 x headsets for this will be included. A nice British made extra allowing you to listen to music, talk to a passenger and connect a phone or sat-nav.

    Inspection is welcome, and test ride is possible on a “you-break-it you-bought-it” basis. Message me if interested.


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    MOT until March 2016. Now on eBay as well.
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