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Thread: .308 for foxing

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    .308 for foxing

    I use a .22-250 for all foxing and some roe, however I'm thinking that it may have to go due to downsizing.
    I have a heavy barell .308 that is used for target and some big Red and was thinking of making it my new foxing round.
    As I wouldn't need the same power for big quarry is there a bullet weight for nice flat 200 yd shooting that would suit charlie.

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    Charlie would not know the dif from a 180gr bullet to
    a 100gr bullet. What are you using for target and ranges? If you can shoot it well now at targets why change??????

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    Its Raining,(West Lothian)
    I use Nosler 155gr FMJBTHP target wise.
    I would be looking for an expanding round for charlie.
    I use Vit 140 powder.
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    Hi Kal,

    I use Sako 123gr sp in my .308win and there great on fox and deer, I have never had one get up and ask for another. I zero my rifles at 150m and that then gives me a kill without adjusting between 50m to 250m.

    regards Neil.

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    I load 110gr Sierra HP and 110gr Vmax for my .308 and they are highly destructive and accurate.
    You will need a bag for the bits!

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    plus the sierra 110gr hp are cheap as chips

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    150g softpoints and 130g TTSX have always made Charlie collapse like a popped balloon for me but the lighter bullets do hold some appeal

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    Shot one with a 165grain Sp the other week he did not complain about it!

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    have 3/4 of a box of 123gr if you wanted to try some lighter bullets

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    8X57 180gr Pt SP must satisfy them as well; never any complaints from any Charlie that received them.

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