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Thread: Carcase Tray And Hoist Advice

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    Carcase Tray And Hoist Advice

    Does anybody use the and if so what weight carcase could be lifted in it or is it just to be used for catching blood. I would prefer to be able to lift the deer in the tray with a second person if possible. I am also looking for a hoist and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for an alternative to the T-Hanger 4 to 1 Stainless Steel Hoist on Bushwear as it seems expensive at 35.


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    It is also beneficial to have a drainage tray in the bottom of any carcass tray to allow the blood to drain away and not allow the carcass to lay in the blood

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    Hi Kieran,

    Couple of questions. Are you restricted to a certain tray size to fit in the vehicle? Is the hoist intended to be used in the field for suspended gralloch or back at base?

    If there's a bit of space available for a tray, as in the rear of a pickup or a car/estate with the back seats folded, then a plasterer's bath, (available in various sizes from builder's merchants. B&Q, Homebase etc.). are very good value - certainly cheaper than most 'game' trays - and can be easily modified to take carrying/pulling handles.

    Hoists for field use I find to not be of much use. The cord on the truly portable ones being too thin to use comfortably. A hand winch, or even better a Lidl electric winch is ideal for more static use. A Superwinch 'Winch-in-a-bag' is great for recovery and single-handed loading in a vehicle.

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    ive got the aldi 250lb hoist ,only 6.99 and well made as usual with their stuff.fits in a small bag ideal for heavy shifting .cant do links as im carp at computers.the tray could do with a duckboard for drainage as posted.any bath shop/Dunelm mill etc have the small shower ones.ideal and washable
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    Carrying deer

    I use a plasterers tray/ bath with heavy duty rubber door mats from a farmers store as a blood drain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyC View Post
    I use a plasterers tray/ bath with heavy duty rubber door mats from a farmers store as a blood drain.
    i have been using a plasterers bath now for probably 10 years, you will be surprised what you can get in one. I managed to get a 176kg red stag in mine with the help of a couple of bungees

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    Plasterors bath for me

    As for the hoist? this one is 6.50

    Silverline 633957 Cable Pulley Set, 180 kg: DIY Tools

    It works fine but i have replaced the crappy poly prop roap with some nice 5mm stuff which cost me 10 for 50m

    You also need a 8m length of 8mm roap for slinging it over the tree and a folding gambrell

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    Kierran, I have the T Hanger in the garage somewhere that I don't use . 20 + postage if you're interested?

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    Thanks guys,
    I intend using the hoist at home and as I have missed the Aldi electric ones I will take Baguio up on his offer. I have decided to go with a plasterers bath 27 delivered. My reason for not initially wanting to get the plasterers bath was to avoid lifting into the bath however having thought about it I can just turn the bath on its side, put the deer in and then turn the bath upright (doh). Don't want to make my back any worse that it already is. One day I might get round to sorting something out like "Orion" has posted.

    Thanks again,

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