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Thread: almost a disaster

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    almost a disaster

    Was out tonight and spotted 2 muntjac coming out into the field i was looking over.The first one was the bigger of the two a yearling buck.The one following was smaller and thought it may be the doe
    Iwaited for the first one to get well out into the field and decided to take it.The other one was a few feet behind.The shot was about 200yds and i had a perfect rest and new the rifle would be on at that range.Took my eyes of the deer momentarily while i just re-adjusted for perfect shot
    Took the shoot using my tikka 30-06 with federal 150grn soft point(was hoping for a fallow).Nice chesty sounding thump and over he went stone dead,reloaded and looked at him through scope just in case.No movement from him but something just behind.A thought came into my mind" where is the other one"
    Turns out as i looked away the other deer had walked behind the first one(damn)went over and dure enough two dead munties.Very luckily both stone dead,the first one was a perfect h/l shot then the bullet carried on and got the other in the neck
    Just shows a moments lapse of concentration could have ended with a wounded deer,was very lucky that (A) the second one was killed outright and (b) not as important i know but the carcass was still perfectly usable.
    Second one was very small young buck which i would have probably left but will make good eating
    Lucky endind to something that could have gone horribly wrong ,a first for me in 30 yrs

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    A sort of buy one get one free deal there, well done in any case for being honest and lucky

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    Cheers paul,I think that most people that have shot any number of deer have messed up at some point.Maybe being honest may stop someone else making same mistake

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    Lucky result Mick! I've seen it happen before (thankfully not by me) which ended in a pretty messy gut shot second animal. Not good - although it did go down and stay there.
    I can't help but wonder how you would have faired if using a .243, or dare I mention it, a .22 centrefire!?

    The trusty old 30.06 may just have got you out of a spot of bother there!
    It would have probably taken 2 or 3 more if you could line them up afterall!

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    I thought exactly that myself monkey.As today the fallow finish,my 30-06 will be going back in the cupboard and the 243 will be coming out for my summer stalking.Could have been a different result then

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    Mick, maybe you should start a two for one club, although some of them would be by pure happenstance , such as Griff's.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    must admit second time,once shot a squirell with 22 went over and another dead

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