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Thread: Which circular saw to buy?

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    Which circular saw to buy?

    I need to get a hand held circular saw to rip up pallets to go on my log burner. I have been using a very old Black and decker which was S/H when I got it in an auction years ago and it died last weekend.

    There appears to be a huge selection on the market and some good reviews on Titan and Evolution range from Screwfix and the Silverline one at Tool station looks good.

    Couple of thoughts do I go for longest guarantee? They range from 1 to 3 years.

    185/190mm blades look quite popular with a big selection of makes and types. any suggestions?

    I intend to use the best TC ripping blade I can get any thoughts on this, nail compatable would be helpful.

    Also arbor holes vary from 16/20/30mm is 30mm the most sensible one to get?

    I am on a budjet so 50 is max at present.

    And before anybody says pallets are no good on log burners in my case they are brilliant, infact the manufacteurer of my stove actually uses them in their factory to burn broken pallets. One of the reasons i purchased it as I have unlimitted supply of non returnable pallets.



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    I can't comment on Circuler saws but I use a jigsaw and find it satisfactory and a lot quieter

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    Quote Originally Posted by FGYT View Post

    I have one of these and they are great, like you say you dont even notice the nails until you see them in the cut ends.

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    See what price you can get a reciprocating saw for they go through pallets like a hot knife through butter.
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    I got an Evolution Rage. First job was to cut down the steel side panels on a hill trailer. Apart from the shower of red hot swarf, the job was straight forward and the same blade has since cut endless amounts of wood and sterling board. Not very sophisticated but great for less than 40.

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    For what you want the evolution would be the best option, Titan and silver line are utter junk as is the erbauer tat that shatfix knock out...
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    Evolution - especially if you're going through ring shank nails all day long! The rest is, as stated, tat....
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    Thanks guys great input as always. Last night after spending some time on line I came to the same conclusion that the Evolution Rage was the one to go for. I found usefull info on their web site and it appears it has a 3 yr warranty. Bsst price I can find is 50 at at Screwfix, so with luck pallets to be sorted at the weekend.


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    Got said circular saw on Sat am and it ripped though 1/2 doz pallets in no time, very impressed excellent piece of kit and 3 yr guarantee which needs to be done on line.

    Thanks for all the info.


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