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Thread: police scotland

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    police scotland

    Thumbs up for police scotland 3 days for my variation
    Are you sure you know what you're talking about

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    It's amazing what a box of M&S biscuits can do.

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    Aye lol
    Are you sure you know what you're talking about

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    French st ??

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    That wasn't Fettes then

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    Yes french st
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    Are you sure you know what you're talking about

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    Good to hear !!

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    good to hear its not all bad. had my firearms cert and rifles withdrawn 4 months ago as some one raised concerns over my mental state. and despite 2 gps and the therapist and combat stress and basically every one they've spoken to have all said not a bad word and even the officer who interviewed me said nothing negative was sent down to inverness. so here I sit without my property and when you phone its ohh we are snowed under here it could take 6 months. why oh why when you already hold a cert and have done for over 20 years with out incedent is it so long I can only assume that its rusian roulette as in it all depends on where in the stack you end up.

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    Well mixed bag here

    Took 3 months for a visit to check security arrangements from moving home date , but left with certs to change address ,
    New certs back this morning 9 days later , quicker than I expected


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