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Thread: The things you see and find

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    The things you see and find

    Over the years i have seen and found a few strange things whilst out stalking and wondered if any of you had ever come acrosss anything unusual as well.

    In the last couple of years i have found an abandoned stolen moter bike
    A burnt out vw golf
    An abandoned lurcher [travelers]
    A few courting couples
    A pianno
    Gold ring found next to a style which was handed in then returned three months later and subsequently sold for 78 [NICE]
    An eagle owl [escapee]
    And a few poachers

    However while out stalking in somerset recently i came across something that topped the lot.

    I was working my way along a steep field that adjoins an absolutely gorgeous bluebell wood in pursuit of a nice roe buck when i spotted a pile of bones a few feet inside the wood
    My immediate thought was that it was going to be yet another RTA roe deer or worse still someone who had decided to end it all as we get the odd one or two in this wood.
    Only last year my mate found someone swinging from a tree [ not very nice ].

    So over for a closer look and there lay two pigs heads and most of the bones to go with them.
    The heads looked as if they had been sawn off by someone who knew what they were doing as the cuts were very clean and there was very little meet left on the bones.

    Who in there right mind takes two butchered pigs and dumps the carcasses in an area of outstanding natural beauty frequented by dog walkers and familys with young children having picnics and the like.

    Dam disgracefull behaviour if you ask me.

    However it wasnt all bad news as i resumed my stalk and caught up with the target buck two fields further on.

    Incase you were wondering i returned later and moved the carcass out of the publics view and informed the farmer.


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    You missed a chance to make some lovely brawn from those heads !!


    'You can drive a horse to water but a pencil must be lead'

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    this isnt a post for the sensative amoungst us but i once found a butt plug and i dont even want to think about whom was using i never took it home as a trophy

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    I find it hard to top a butt plug but I did recover the biggest adult mag and vid stash ever when out bashing crows once. Result....

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    Looks like someone has been doing some home butchery because they had some unregistered pigs so couldn't take them to a slaughter house. Can't see any tags, tattoos or holes where the tags should have been. Wonder what Paul did with the stash of vids!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    this isnt a post for the sensative amoungst us but i once found a butt plug and i dont even want to think about whom was using i never took it home as a trophy
    And how do you know what a butt plug is you dirty boy , my innocent mind would never what one was

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    Many years ago when I were but a lad, I was chasing the grouse on the moors above Wolsingham where I live for the Hoorays to launch lead at and found a couple of fishing lures, this is about 3 miles in any direction from any fishable water.

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    Nothing as gruesome as finding whats left of a pig in the woods but last week whilst out stalking early morning 2 red squirrells come charging out of a stand of Norwegian spruce, one behind the other when one of them ran up my leg level with my waist ,the one behind it froze for a second then retreated as fast as it could ,then the one on me jumped to the ground then ran into a hazel tree chattering away, You hear tales of people pissing in a squirrels ear early in a morning but I was so close to achieving it Marvelous I have never had anything like that ever happen to me i was stunned to say the least

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    I pulled into a layby once on my way to do a days ferreting for my mate to get out for a pee.
    When he got back in the car he showed me a 'Flask' he'd found.
    Then he remarked on it's small size with a button on the end and how the stainless steel 'cup' was rather pointed!!
    I looked at it and realised it was a rather expensive Dildo, I'd seen them in night clubs in Hamburg in my young soldier days before you ask!!
    When I told him what it was he screamed and threw it out of the car window, the trouble was the window was shut and it bounced back and hit him in the face.
    I would love to have heard how he explained his bruise to his wife when he got home

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICK O SHEA View Post
    Over the years i have come acrosss

    A few courting couples
    Isn't that also known as 'Dogging'??!!

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