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Thread: Butt Out !!!

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    Question Butt Out !!!

    I just received an email from Bushwear and they are doing these on offer.

    Just wondering whether anyone uses a Butt Out (or Butt Out II) and whether they could be recommended or is the good old fashioned sharp knife just as good ???

    Cheers + ATVB


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    ive just receive a email from them aswell, never seen a butt out before

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    I have been using the older model for a couple of seasons. It is a great tool that makes that end of the job much safer, especially when you are in a hurry with cold and numb fingers. If you get a little pack of cable ties, pull it out and cable tie it off before cutting, you will have a very clean result much quicker than without it.


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    Thanks for that. So stick it in, twist and pull out. Cable tie and then cut. The cable tied bit then goes back through with rest of the gralloch ???

    Appreciate the answer....and hopefully I have interpreted what you have said correctly ???

    Cheers + ATVB


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    They are very good, but not on small animals! They are just too big to use on small Roe or Muntjac.

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    I have used one for a while now I do as GTB says insert it in the butt turn slightly pull out and tie of with waxed thread and cut of after tieing with waxed thread on the anal tract after stripping back the crotties by tieing twice and cutting between the two tie offs.

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    That is correct - you leave the cable tie (a small 2-3" one is fine) attached to the gralloch, and pull it back through the pelvis.

    If you go here you can see a video of it in action -


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    They all use that excuse MS

    I don't quite get it, once you pull it out you've got an "inside out" bit with a right way in bit inside it, do you the cable tie between the tool and the animal, then cut through on the tool side? That sort of seems logical, but then you've still got 2 ends of dung funnel attached to each other and still attached at the ringpiece.

    I'm sure it's really obvious when you see it done, anyone got a video?

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    won't work for me gtb, all I get is the catalogue entry for the Buttout. This may be due to being at work, I'll try again when I get home.

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