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Thread: Is 300 yards and beyond sporting?

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    Is 300 yards and beyond sporting?

    Even if you can shoot a game animal at over 300 yards, should you? Is it sporting? I have found, depending on cover, game at 300 yards and beyond become very much less cautious and sometimes will not give you much mind. I have made a few "long shots" and to tell the truth, I felt like I was cheating. Your thoughts.

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    I agree, that's where it's a technical challenge rather than a test of fieldcraft and stalking skill.
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    Sporting for who? The animal or the shooter?

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    nothing wrong with it if you can hit the target then take the shot,, many people on this forum will say its to far but i have taken many deer at this range 300 is not a long shot at all,,,,i also enjoy exploding crows and pigeons at that range great fun,,, get a target up and practice,,, when your happy and on the button crack on mate and post the pics ,,,,,

    stalking on some of my ground the fields are open and no cover so long shots will need to be taken,,,
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    If your shooting for sport , no , if your culling as a job it's a means to an end ..

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    All depends on the circumstances. If you are recreational shooting for sport then no, the challenge has got to be to get in good and close. If you have a job to do and a cull target to hit, then IF you are so confident you are sure it's not going to go wrong then take it. Even with the quickest calibre's though drop outside 300 yds get pretty spectacular - you really need to know your rifle or your dial in data and wind comes into play big time.

    The only other circumstance is the mercy shot on an injured beast. In that case we all have a duty, providing it's realistic, to have a go.
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    What do you mean when you say "sporting"?
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    Killing is killing. There's nothing sporting about killing. All that matters to me is whether it's a quick death or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    What do you mean when you say "sporting"?
    I mean beyond 300, are you leaving the realm of fair chase.

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