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    We read a lot of complaints about various Firearms Departments, so as the title says, credit where it's due. I've just had a variation for my FAC granted while the certificate was in the process of being renewed. I got the variation through in a couple of weeks, and got my new FAC yesterday - the old one doesn't expire until 12 May. All the wording on the conditions if fine ("all legal quarry species" etc) and I can live with the quantities of ammunition and what they like to call missiles (!). So no complaints there.


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    Nice one Andrew cant be bad.

    Had my visit lastnight, think all went well, just gotta wait and see lol

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    Just had my renewal visit fron N Yorks, all over very quickly and very positive. One thing to watch for though is that there is now apparently a National Firearms Certificate software that all the forces are using. It has meant that I lost humane despatch from my FAC last variation, I am allowed to have ammunition for humane despatch but did not have any of the guns ticketed for it. This was apparently due to the new software using different terminology etc. Hopefully will be corrected when the new one comes through. (not due til 13th June though)

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    My renewal came from West Yorkshire without any problems, but I was told that all details of firearms certificate holders are now available to all police cars on the in car computer used to check registration and insurance information. This has pros and cons I think !


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    So after four weeks + a day or so since I took my tickets in for a change of address and variation the fac comes back except they forgot all about my shot gun certificate. Well done

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    i've had my shotgun ticket since i was 15 but when i started driving and had my own motor at 17 my scout leader who was traffic polis warned me and my mate that if our cars was stopped a warning would flash on there screen like; approach with caution possible firearms user. Althou never really been stopped so don't know if true, and I'm going back almost 20 years.

    I never worried about it at the time, i think they really have to have all the facts before they approach a car elf and safety u know, i dont really see it as much of a prob.

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