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Thread: Cheapish 12g Pump Action Sec 2 Shotgun 3" or 3 1/2" chamber

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    Cheapish 12g Pump Action Sec 2 Shotgun 3" or 3 1/2" chamber

    I'm going to have a a crack at wildfowling and don't want to ruin my nice shiny u/o in the marshes so I'm looking for a low priced 12g pump action shotgun. Maybe something like a Stevens 79 or similar.. Must be a 3" chamber minimum and steel proofed.

    Ideally the gun will be Lancashire area so I can get it F2F.

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    got a sem auto 3" MAG HATSAN selling for my old pals wife was her late hubs wildfowl s/g ?Attachment 61772Attachment 61771 going to Lincoln in Nov if its any good to you .

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    Cheers Paul o' but I really wanted a pump action rather than a semi plus I didnt really want to go down the turkish route but beggers and choosers etc etc...

    Thanks anyway tho.. appreciated the offer.

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    I've got a Benneli Nova [5shot] in the cupboard. Has done a fair bit of work but in good nick. proofed for steel. Is a multichoke but I've just the 3/4 in it, it's 3.5" chamber.

    PM, if you're at all interested.

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    Hi Bambislayer, it has to be section 2 for me because I dont have a slot for the sec 1 shotgun.
    Shame because the Benelli is a nice unit.


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