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Thread: Travel Insurance with Rifle

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    Travel Insurance with Rifle

    Any tips for travel insurance that will cover rifles, the few I have looked at so far only have limits of 300 or 400 for single items, that wont even cover tha scope let alone the rifle!!


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    I have always used the post office for travel insurance,
    Checki with BDS or BASC they will sort you and advise thats what I did.


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    Insurance For Rifles

    I have used these people for years. However I use them to insure my firearms year round so I don't know if they do single trip insurance ....They are very helpful so perhaps give them a call

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    i hav my rifles covered within my home insurance and they cover me home and abroad . but they are classed as a seperate issuse as the value of and i pay a little more
    PeteE you need to check with direct line as they were not happy to cover my guns when in use only covered them when in secure lock up and transit only that is why i went to CIS

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    hi Pete
    i was not aware of this anti field sports as my agent is a keen trout fisherman and bends over backwards to help me and my friends out
    i hav never had any grief with getting insurance for any sporting equipment to do with hunting or fishing even for hunting abroad ,i hav been with CIS since 95, and hav recommened thier services to any one through my agent, at the end of the day they are out to make money no matter what
    ps but i will ask the question as if thier is doubt then there must be reason

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