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    Just got back from Finland , hunting with my Finnish friends and I have put a good word in to Finnair.
    Great airline. We were late leaving Heathrow (not thier fault) and making the connection to Rovaniemi was going to by tight. We only just made it on to the next plane and I left my glasses and phone behind. I thought well thats that then. Got sat down on next flight with minutes to spare and a stewerdess from first flight turned up with my phone and glasses.
    Unfortunatly the rifles didnt make the connection so my Finnish friend had a chat with them . We had 120 miles to travel by road to the lodge and Finnair organised a taxi to transport them to us as they were arriving on a later flight.
    Wonderful service, no problems on the way back cant recomend this airline enough.

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    Sometimes you just get great service, if all the companies that cockup, or are involved through no fault of their own, operated like the description you gave, the world would be a better place.
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