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Thread: 4x4 in sewer ants

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    4x4 in sewer ants

    How much are people paying for their 4x4 insurance?

    i was with Adrian Flux but have just renewed saving 112.

    15k miles (gently driven of course) l200 with the Mrs added and I drive any other vehicle 3rd party for 324.
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    I cant answer your question as I dont have a 4x4, but I like the Terry Pratchett reference hehe!

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    ....just renewed mine for my LWB Terrano; 382 fully comp, incl Mrs Merlin, legal assist, roadside recovery, and can drive other vehicles with 3rd party cover (via Quotemehappy). Would have been even less had I not got speeding points.... :-s
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    I am with Morethan for my 4x4, 210 fully comp for me and the wife mileage 20k per year. This is not a sweetener either, its my second year insuring with them.

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    Me and my partner are with Bewiser for our discovery 3, its 300 fully comp for the both of us

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    Swift cover both me and her in doors fully comp, 218.60

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    You'd have to go a long way to beat 'A' Plan if you have a hilux pick up even if it has a few tweaks like chipped etc.


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    206 3lt ranger but we have a multicar with two motors full bells cover on both just dump the recovery as I have that vie my bank think it made it 50 cheaper

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    I use A - Plan and they don't just renew it each year, they revue and compare it to other companies before they give me my quote.
    They also have a dedicated branch in Newbury, that's not far from anywhere in UK by 'phone ! that deal especially with 4 x 4's and particularly Landrovers including modded ones.

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    Ah - but is it just the price you should be looking at? The level of service when there's a claim should surely come into the equation too. (Says someone who perhaps isn't getting it quite as cheap as some of you above ).

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