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    Bullet drop

    I have just zeroed CD's sayer .270. Beautiful rifle. 8 x ,270 Fed Fusion later (130's) last three in the bull at 50m. Last shot was dead centre and set one inch high. Unfortunately the ground would not let me go out to 100m to fire a test card.
    How much drop should I expect at 100m ie. will the 1" compensate, box says expect 2.9" drop 100 to 200m,

    Thanks Claret Dabbler for a great piece of kit,

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    A word of warning.....always zero at the distance you are likely to be shooting. My mate once did what you did and went to shoot a roe at around 110yards....three shots later (daft deer stood) i called the shots at roughly 3, 2, 1 foot over the deer....then it ran off. later at a zeroing session at 100 yards the rifle was indee shooting nearly 3 feet high!.
    This also applies to zeroing a rimfire.

    Do your damnedest to get on a hundred yard target before attempting a shot at a live animal.



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    Jim, with that rifle, you want to be about an inch low at 30m. This will give you a zero around an inch high at 100m. An inch high at 50m will leave you very high at 100m. As long as you think you have the windage correct, bring the target in to 30m and set it a little low at that distance.

    By the way, this works for most common deer calibres given a scope 1.75-2" above the bore line.

    It was a pleasure doing business. Here is the replacement, a Blaser in 30/06:


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    If your doing alot of reloading why not invest in Hodgdons BLast software, it does all the trajectaries and ballistics data you would ever need, last time i bought it it was $33 would give you the data but its on my pc at home.
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    CD my rifle is offended. You swopped it for that plank of wood with a scaffold pole on top.

    Just kidding, looks great but I would not swop. .270 the Sauer feels like a .22. Kick, what kick.
    Speak up I forgot my earplugs. No it was a pleasure to shoot. I will take it to the range we have at the pheasant shoot where we can go out to 200m no problem,

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    Now thats what I call some attractive figuring, the other "figuring", lots of ballistic software is super accurate, BUT, you just can't beat that hole in the card for re-assurance in the field.
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    Glad you're enjoying the .270, a marvelous calibre. I zero at 200 yards, which puts it a little high at 100yards. I'm currently shooting 150gr fusions and practically speaking I can shoot without having to worry too much about point of impact and hold over out to around 250yards. You can't beat a long day on the range to get to know the rifle and the bullet trajectory. Have a good 'un.

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