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    Myweb rhoro scorp

    Please if are using Vodafone please check your bills very carefully - I haven't but just did a review today as I am taking out a new contract. I have been charged 1 a week for the last several months for Purchases from MYWEB RHORO SCOPE.

    I have spoken with Vodafone about this. Their response - this is a third party provider who you have agreed to and we can't do anything about it and cannot refund you. It's some form of Horoscope. No I haven't - why would I need or want a horoscope.

    As far as I am concerned my contract is with Vodafone, they are billing me for services I do not want nor have agreed to. Vodafone are the collecting agent and will in turn be passing money back to whomever MYWEB are. They are fraudulently taking money from me.

    Check those Bills

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    Always worth doing. You never know what is lurking on there pilfering a few quid every month. Old mobile phone insurance still being paid on a monthly basis, long after the phone is a museum piece is one. Dodgy Sky insurance is another (not to be confused with the proper Sky insurance if you want it). Check your mobile bills, but also any bank accounts/credit card accounts etc.

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    the challenge is getting it stopped. Only real way so to change accounts, tel numbers etc.

    Well I have just an hour with a high level customer services team member. It has been going off or over a year now. He looked in detail and has no record of MYWEB RHORO SCOPE on his system and cannot see who the counter party is. It seemed to have started with a charity donation made at 2 am in the middle of July last year. I only make charity donations in cash into a collection box. I certainly don't make them via the phone.

    He then offers me 35 by way of compensation as this has been the fault of a third party provider.

    My response - well you have charged me 60 plus for a service which you don't even recognise or know about. So if you don't recognise it I assume the money stays in Vodafone's account. So you will refund me 35 and keep the remaining 25

    Yes was his response.

    Its being escalated.
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    Bit more complicated now that they've forced me to go paperless.

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    Yes - check your online bills carefully - thats what I did today having been paperless for several months and just ignoring it.

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