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Thread: Combination gun how often do you use it?

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    Combination gun how often do you use it?

    Hi folks
    As per title
    Thinking say .410/.22lr
    Do you have one ? In reality how often do you use it ?


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    All the time - mine is 16 over a 7x65r. It is my weapon of choice, particularly around farmland, where you are constantly going over fences etc - so easy to load and unload and doesn't worry the general public like a bolt action rifle can.

    If you are getting one I would get something a bit bigger than 22lr / 410 unless its just for vermin. The other evening I was out - two magpies with the shot barrel. Then tried for a some squirrels - I could have shot one on the ground, but felt the rifle was a bit much, so waited till he came into the trees, but then could nt get a shot at him. Then went up to the other end of the farm and got into three Roe, but since they did n't have spiky bits didn't shoot one. Thursday morning was out early, not see much and then the gees lifted off the loch - but didn't come within range. Not moderated - well a 26" barrel dramatically takes the noise down and rifle is no louder than the shotgun.

    They can be very accurate, but are not really suited to long range sniping. That said have shot foxes and Roe at 150 yds with it but do prefer to keep things within 100. They are weighted more like a shotgun so not as steady as heavy barrelled rifle on a bipod.
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    If you have one you'll find that you use it more than you thought. Years ago I had a very nice German 16 bore single barrel over a 8mm barrel tha had been converted to .22RF. The thing also had its correct 'scope with claw mounts. It was very accurate....BUT>>>>

    But the problem was was that the rifle barrel fired off the front trigger. So if you went for a snap shot on, say, a flushed bird such as magpie or crow put off a nest you'd "click" on the empty rifle barrel. (As realising this issue I carried the thing with the rifle barrel empty).

    Now if the thing had been set up to fire the shot gun off the front trigger and the rifle off the back trigger I'd have kept it. It didn't appear that it could be altered so I sold it. I am guessing that the original intent was to shoot boar or deer? So rifle barrel fist and if the boar charged "back up" on the rear trigger to fire a 16 bore slug or buckshot.

    But for UK shooting in woods or moor on squirrels, rabbits, crows, magpies that trigger set up made it useless. So if you get one? Check that the barrel you want to fire most CAN be set up to fire from the trigger that you'll instinctively go for at first pull!

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    My goal this year is to get some deer and wild boar with my 7x57R combo and my 8x57JRS combo.

    I would love to have a small combination gun, like a .22 WMR / .410 or a .357 / 20 gauge Savage M24V.

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    Mmm got me thinking ....,

    Wondered about this on n off for,years ....
    Realistically the .410 / .22 combo would be most used .... Or a 20g /.22 if such a beast exists


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    Here are the most common Savage 24 combinations:
    .22LR/.410 .22LR/20 Gauge
    .22WMR/20 Gauge .22 Hornet/20 Gauge
    .222 Rem/20 Gauge .223 Rem/20 Gauge
    .30-30/20 Gauge .357 Mag/20 Gauge
    .22 Hornet/12 Gauge .222 Rem/12 Gauge
    .223 Rem/12 Gauge .30-30/12 Gauge

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    I have hunted almost every week for the last four years with my combo or drilling. If you want one, I say 22mag/20g is the minimum.
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    I have heard rumor that the barrels on the Savages leave a lot to be desired regarding regulation. Any truth to that. I'm not a Savage fan although I have a couple. The ones from the 50s and older were decent.

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    Only used the 22lr/410 and for what it was used for there was no need to check the regulation of slugs to the 22LR. Plus slugs are regulated in the UK so its a moot point.
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    I was actually meaning the shot pattern being aligned with the rifle sights. I had a fried with a .22/.410 combo that said if he aimed with the sights the shot pattern would be so far off he would miss.

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