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Thread: My best sika

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    My best sika

    Medal ?
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    Phew, some beast that. Very well done. Got to be worth a measure based on that pic.


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    Very nice! Wish we had those animals over here, I'm betting they would do well. Our woods look just like yours, this side of the Cascades anyway.

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    What a beauty!

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    Red/sika hybrid so no medal......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dama View Post
    Red/sika hybrid so no medal......
    So I wasn't the only one to think that then!

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    Ya defiantly some red blood in him, Sika don't reach that size,the ears give him away ,the nose bone has yet to be measured ,if he were pure sika he'd be whatever comes above platinum ,i'm 6'1'' and 18 stone.........just for some scale .

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    Cheers lads,out of interest ,which measurement is taken to determine the pureness of the breed ?
    The taxidermist mentioned something about a nose bone measurement ,and 6cm I think ,double dutch to me ,I have a good few cracking 8 pointers mountred,but never had any measured.

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