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Thread: Aigle Parcours ISO neoprene wellies - issues?

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    Aigle Parcours ISO neoprene wellies - issues?

    hi folks,

    after perusing many wellie threads i've decided on a pair of Aigle Parcours ISO neoprene wellies for the Mrs's birthday present. they'll be used for dog walking (through forest and over moorland), gardening, muddy agricultural shows and the odd music festival.

    anyone had any problems with them?

    i've looked at Seeland - too variable in quality, Hunter - too utter crap, Le Chameau - pigging how much?, and Decathon own brand, but as none of the stores in the UK carry much in the way of examples, i'm not prepared to splash out on stuff i can't feel.

    any views gratefully recieved...

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    Not me personally but my boss who works gun dogs all year round raves about them.

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    Yes, the pair i bought from Amazon had a fault, both boots split along the rand within 2 weeks.

    They sent me a new pair, it's been over 12 months now and they are fine and i really like them.


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    My partner has had hers (the thermocule lined version rather than neoprene) for two or three years and found them extremely comfortable and great for beating, walking the dogs etc.

    A fortnight ago she put a spade through them while gardening. I managed to get a rubber patch through the split and onto the inside between the rubber and the lining and supeglued it…rubber cement didn't work.

    While I was doing the repair I noticed that the surface was crazed all over, almost halfway through, so how long they will last I do not know. My old hunters are almost twenty years old and less crazed…and my argyles are even older and still intact.


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    I've had a pair of Aigle neoprene wellies for several years and they're faultless in build quality. My only slight "complaint" if you could call it that is that the neoprene is a bit thicker than the others which make them VERY warm as walking boots although obviously also very comfortable. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair though as these have seen a whole load of work and show no signs of wear as yet! When I was in the shop I was looking at Le Chameau willies as well when I purchased them and the shop owner advised me that Aigles were better quality. He had never had a complaint with them as against the Le Chameaus. Go for it! She will be very happy with them.
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    cheers folks, grateful.

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    I have had a pair for a few years now, great boots, no problems.

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    I have a pair of Aigle parcours 2 neoprene willies they are fantastic but bloody warm! My only gripe or tip is I have big legs and with socks on they are very tight maybe a good idea to look at the zipped ones?

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    Ive got some with the 5mm neoprene , build quality is good but after a year ive found the neoprene has stretched and now there like a big pair of floppy slippers,good if your standing there , but walking forget it .

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    I've had mine for 3 years now, use them for regular beating and rough shooting and have found them much better than the equivalent Hunters i had before.
    Hope this helps you make your choice.

    ATB Lee

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