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Thread: Teckel with liver failure

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    Teckel with liver failure

    I have a twelve year old Teckel that's been diagnosed with liver failure. Vet has said it's 60% + failed but can't say how much more, or at what point he won't be able to cope with what function he has left. They've given him eighteen months at best. The clock is ticking......
    I've taken the vet's recommendation to change his dry mix from Bakers Complete to Purina EN and Denamarin supplement, he is however staying on his saucepan of venison offcuts boiled up.

    I just wondered if anyone else has had this experience. I'm looking for pointers as to how this will unfold in time. He's still quite fit and active at the moment, still gets excited and changes into hunting mode on sight of the rifle, still stalks with me, still comes to work with me, still comes for walks. Unless you knew what signs to look for, you wouldn't know he was terminally ill.
    I know this will change, but I don't know if it'll be a gradual deterioration, or a sudden crash when he hits a critical point, or even a bit of both. I'd always hoped he'd make at least fourteen as a working dog, maybe a year as a pensioner and anything more than that would be our well earned bonus.
    I'm just not ready to lose my best mate before time. We have such great memories together over the last twelve years, it'll leave a huge hole when he goes.....

    Any guidance or suggestions welcomed please.

    Roger and Spot

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    It's a tricky one. I lost my last dog ten years ago to liver failure, which took several months. She was only eight and it seemed that lots of local dogs were suffering the same fate. Local keeper was poisoning red kites close to a local wood where everybody walked their dogs. She kept going and then crashed very quickly.

    My my one piece of advice would be to get another pup sooner rather than later and for him to pass on his good traits. We got above dog when my first lab was on her last legs at 12 - it have her a new lease of life and carried on for another three years. I didn't have that continuity and have only recently got another dog.

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    Thanks for your input.
    Sorry to read of your loss, that's pretty tough when you suspect foul play from another party played a part in that.
    How long from diagnosis to eventuality did you get?
    When you say she crashed quickly, from "normal" routine to noticing a difference, what sort of time period? Hours, days, weeks?
    One of my concerns is I have to go to Australia early next year, and I really don't want to leave the wife with having to make any decision, nor do I want him to die at the vets.

    In some respects I'd love for Spot to pass on his skills to a pup, I'm by no means a dog trainer, it all came pretty naturally to him. On the other hand, I know that having a dog does restrict us from doing some things as a family. I feel a bit duty bound to have a break, do some family stuff, then come back with a pup and a fresh start. Yet on the back of that, I don't think it right to stalk without the availability of a dog.
    I've only ever genuinely lost three deer, if it hadn't have been for him, I never would have found them.
    I also feel great loyalty to my dog, just as he's shown me. I wouldn't want a pup to draw my focus from Spot, nor would I want to short change my new companion whilst I'm still involved with Spot.
    Decision, decisions.......

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    We had two or three months from memory. She lost her bounce but still had her wag right till the end. Very to advise and I think you really need to be guided by the vet as he /she will have a much better idea as to prognosis and appropriate treatment or relief. Ultimately only you and your family can make the decision in the best interests of the dog - hard as they may be.

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    Spot died unexpectedly yesterday lunchtime (29/1/17)
    He was with me in my office at work, we shared a sandwich for lunch, he had a drink but was short of water in his bowl. He stepped back to allow me to fill it, had a bit more of a drink, stood back again and keeled over. I tried everything to bring him back, but he'd gone, it was instant.
    I think it was a complication of the liver failure. Although he'd hit a bit of a plateau in the last three months, didn't seem to be deteriorating, just gently getting a bit older, you don't really know what's going on inside. He suffered a stroke back at the end of June, probably due to nerve breakdown because of the liver. This left him with a slightly erratic heart beat. The fuse was lit....

    I had him with me today as I was digging his grave in our favourite wood, right where he found a lost deer for me. I hope to bury him by the end of the week, weather permitting. In the meantime he's now in the place he normally watched over, and demanded access to when there was something in there, the deer fridge.

    He was always a fantastic friend, a great stalking companion, and capable scent hound when needed.
    I'll miss my dog forever.
    RIP Spot (Spotterdog)


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    Thanks gundog, I'm in pieces....


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    Tears in eyes
    But best he went in that way with you with him
    All the best

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    Jall55, appreciate that. It could have got very ugly with a drawn out end. Much as I would have struggled with doing it myself, I had promised him no death-by-vet. He hated going to the vet for anything. He was ok as a pup, but one wrong injection set him off, and from then on he'd chew any part of a vet he could get hold of!
    He was a lovely gentle dog, very placid around the house and with kids and other dogs, but excellent guard dog when he flicked the switch too.

    Gonna miss my stalking buddy.


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    Sorry for your loss... I hope you can give him the send off he deserves.

    All the best


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