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Thread: FNG from Saaarf'k

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    FNG from Saaarf'k

    After reading the riveting thread on Lead Contamination I just had to join. There are obviously a lot of well informed and committed shooters on here, and I can learn a lot from them. I can't promise to contribute much, but who knows.

    I am a "middle aged" recreational stalker. Done it for about 16 years. DSC2 and AW. 20 to 30 Roe and Muntys per year, with the very occasional Fallow. (My patch of Suffolk seems to be the only bit without Fallow.) Bit of shotgunning, mostly rabbits off a pickup, and rimfire vermin control. Using Rem 700 308 and 223 and a CZ.17 and a SYSS 10/22. And a couple of 12's.

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    Welcome Matt enjoy...

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