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Thread: RSPCA farce

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    RSPCA farce

    The TV in our kitchen was on this morning and I caught part of the Animal SOS program, so I decided to have a look on BBC i player. It is about a red stag on a landfill site that got a lifebuoy caught on his antlers. What I found interesting was the amateurish approach of the RSPCA when trying to dart the stag, no mention of wind direction or that the stag was being pursued by several people, causing it to run around and possibly extra distress. Why didn't they call in a local stalker, give him the dart gun and leave him to it, if they had I am sure it would have been job done.

    BBC iPlayer - Animal SOS - Episode 1

    The relevant section starts at around 14 minutes into the program.

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    You have a fair point but the answer to"Why didn't they call in a local stalker" would be their politics overrule common sense and possibly animal welfare.

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    I cant even bring myself to watch it.....I know what a shambles it will be!

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    Of course it's the easiest thing in the world to get within 20-30 metres of one specific animal, and into a possible darting position in that kind of cover, when you've another 10 odd noses and pairs of eyes working against you isn't it!?

    Not the way I'd personally have approached the situation, but it certainly wouldn't be an average stalk to kill scenario, so you can't just assume that 'any' stalker would have faired any better.

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    You are very misguided if you think "Any stalker" can pick up a dart rifle and know how to use it effectively and safely.

    The best person to be using a dart rifle is somebody who knows their rifle intimately and uses it frequently, be that vet, RSPCA personnel, stalker, or whoever. Too many people with all the gear and no idea !

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    It is not easy to stalk to within 20yds of one specific red in a group of more than a dozen, on an eighty hectare site. I am not surprised that they struggled.

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    Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind!

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    I believe that dart guns using immobilon are section 5 and the drug itself is f'ing dangerous. So I doubt they would be able to use the services of a local stalker even if they wanted to.
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    The deer would also then have to be permanently tagged (not easy for an animal living wild), so it could never enter the food chain after immobilon had been administered.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JGR View Post
    Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind!
    What does that mean in this instance? The animal wasn't in pain. When it sheds it's antlers it will be as good as new!

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