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Thread: 1st outing on Bucks this season!

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    1st outing on Bucks this season!

    For various reasons I've not been out with the rifle at all since last January (other than checking zero last evening). Following a call from one of my farmer friends I promised to put in an appearance this weekend. After a short drive I arrived just as dawn was breaking, parked in the chosen field gateway and got the binos out for a quick scan. Although this farm is in excess of 400 acres, very little has not been plastered with slurry since the last cut of sileage last week!
    Immediately, I spotted Charlie heading my way through the gathering light. He is a fortunate fox as I didn't want to spoil my chances of a stalk by shooting this chap so soon. When he was about 30mtrs away I blew a quiet raspberry just to let him know he wasn't the only one around so early in the day.
    I started a quiet walk through the few fields available, getting to one area where the farmer has been seeing a roe or two. Just as I was scanning the hedge-banks the neighbouring farmer came down in the adjoining fields on his quad to check his livestock. I watched quietly in case he pushed anything in my direction but nothing showed itself so I made my way up to the next field that I hoped had not been plastered in slurry, my nose soon told me I was wrong. I reached the gateway for a quick look and damned if the farmer on the next farm didn't come rolling down on his quad to inspect his sheep. I again watched the boundary hedge to see if anything was disturbed but to no avail. Still standing in the gateway I turned back to see two roe standing on the hedge at the far side of this field approx. 300 mtrs away, beautifully skylined with no possibility of an approach, the buck being fully aware of my presence.
    I knew I could get within range by leaving the field (out of sight of the deer), walking up the farm lane, past a house, over a gate, through another field and gateway and hopefully reach the field where the deer were without getting the wrong side of the wind. This I managed and despite a very cautious approach the deer were no longer to be seen. As I was looking for any deer tracks through the heavy dew (mine were plain as plain) going away from the place the deer were last seen, I heard tractors approaching the farm down the main road. I looked across to see two tractors with hedge trimmers and just knew they would be heading to the fields I was stalking. Sure enough they pulled into the field I was in and started trimming the hedge.
    I decided to admit defeat and went home for breakfast, disappointed-----not one little bit!! It was great to be out on such a grand morning and watch the sun come up, see a healthy, handsome fox and find two deer where I'd hoped they'd be
    Let's see what can go wrong tomorrow morning!!
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    Should have taken Charlie , makes no difference to the deer. I have shot foxes before and then a roebuck round the next corner. Never pass up an opportunity to get Reynard ....

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    I returned to the same area as yesterday after checking with the farmer that no more slurry had been spread. Starting in the same field, I had barely gone 100mtrs when the same two deer ran between fence and hedgebank at the bottom of the field I was in. They got to the end of the sheep netting fence and turned into my field coming under the single strand wire. Due to the contours of the field I could only see the neck and spine of the buck and at something like 200 mtrs I was not going to risk a neck shot.
    Crouching down out of sight of the deer, I managed to close the range down to approx. 120mtrs and set the rifle on sticks to wait for the buck to show himself again. Somehow the deer had managed to give me the slip and could only have left the field by the gateway further up the hedge-line. As I made my way to the gateway, in rolled the mist!! Visibility was down to about 100mtrs, but there on the next hedgebank was the vague outline of a deer approx 75mtrs away. The second deer was making it's way through the mist to the bottom of the field, soon followed by the deer from the hedge. I figured if I couldn't see the deer, chances were they couldn't see me too well either so started down the field hoping to close the range. Suddenly my luck changed and the mist started to clear, giving me a good view of the buck at the bottom of the field, my side of the hedgebank. Up with the sticks, wait for the buck to stop moving and squeeze off a shot into the boiler house. The buck dropped on the spot, startling the doe who ran back in my direction, before stopping about 10mtrs away from me. I tried to get my phone out to take a photo but she sussed me even though she was looking back towards the buck.
    Not a bad 6 point buck, a bit on the light side at 34lbs but likely regaining condition after the rut. He should eat well
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    Well done. I know exactly how you must have felt on the first stalk. I am a magnet for muck spreaders and hedge cutters too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    Well done. I know exactly how you must have felt on the first stalk. I am a magnet for muck spreaders and hedge cutters too!
    Job not to be at this time of year

    It doesn't worry me not to get a shot as long as I see something of interest and get to enjoy our superb countryside

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