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Thread: BASC Trophy measuring.

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    BASC Trophy measuring.

    Anyone had BASC measure their trophys ? I had two Chinese water deer trophys measured by them, both scored gold. They told me they had no medals but they would arrive shortly, this was almost two years ago.
    I have phoned a few times and just got fobbed off, now i have tried to speak to them about it and they wont talk to me about it.
    Anyone else had problems with BASC and trophy measuring ?

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    sounds like they need to do a refund talk to David from BASC on here . He should be able to give you the right contact

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    Thanks choc, its got to the point where i think they are just incompertant, At this moment in time i am thinking of cancelling my membership, if they cant sort a few medals out how can we rely on them doing a anything else ?

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    PM me with your membership no and the name of the person you spoke too at BASC.
    Did you put in a complaint?
    If so who did you write too?
    I was involved in the BASC trophy measuring Scheme just a month ago with Dominic Griffiths.There was no mention of any unhappy members.


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    You can always contact me if you have any questions or issues with any BASC department and i will always look into it for you.

    There were problems with the original medals and we have ordered more,

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    May i ask why any one would want the chaps BASC membership number or would there be preferential treatment to some one who is a member. The medal measuring scheme was i am sure open to all. With regards any one getting a head done better to stick with the real chaps at the CIC board

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    Quote Originally Posted by David BASC View Post
    There were problems with the original medals and we have ordered more
    Can you give us any idea of when the new order is expected David?

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    roebuck270 is a BASC member as he stated! I do not need a name I would just pass on the number to the Deer Dept and see if they through David@ BASC would have made a comment, but I see David has already done so..
    There is no preferential treatement for anyone, everybody gets treated the same and the Scheme is open to all, so no preferential treatement there.

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    Hello choc. Yes CIC are deffinatly the only ones that can provide a proper service, i have sent trophys by post 3 - 4 days later back measured and all medals recieved, Think as membership goes the NGO could be more favourable.

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    can you tell us where you got your head measured?
    and by whom?


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