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Thread: Stalking in South UK

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    Stalking in South UK

    Hi guys.

    Im desperately seeking a land permission somewhere in the South of England (Ideally within easy driving of Dorset).

    I have been stalking with a friend on their permission for the last 5 years but unfortunately the land owner will not give me written permission in a form to satisfy the local police to grant me a .243, I do have other rifles but nothing of deer caliber.

    I have spoken to my local FEO and he has advised me to find a piece of ready cleared land for full bore rifle. He will then grant my application for a .243 and I can shoot on the other land I have verbal permission on too.

    I am also an RFD and would be happy to look after anybody who can sort me out with a suitable permission. I specialise in rifles and shotguns and have a shop selling everything shooting.

    Please let let me know if there is anything going!

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    You might want to consider writing a proper introduction

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