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Thread: Sizeing Seeland Jacket

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    Sizeing Seeland Jacket

    Hi all

    SO I measured my chest and its 47" so I ordered a 47" Seeland Marsh jacket (No60 clamed 48") and you can fit two of me in it and the arms are 6" too long

    The jacket can be pulled forward 10+" off my chest???

    Looking at it Id say if thats how much oversize they are I need a 44" but it seems odd seing as I realy am a 47" chest?

    Is this a problem generaly with Seeland?

    Looked at a few comments on Amazon and they said "way too big had too return" so is it a common issue?

    Any advice on what size to order?



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    Hi Mark
    Jackets from Seeland tend to be generous. This appears to be alot. In store we drop down one size if needed, but not several.

    Sleeves will always be a little longer on all Scandinavian clothing, it is normal.

    We would recommend you measure a jacket you currently have that fits well, from the seam to seam accross the chest, putting the tape close under the arms. Let us know this size, so we can swap the item for you.

    Also a note for everyone: Seeland jackets are meant to be worn with the draw cord around the waist pulled in slighty. We also draw these in on the shopfloor manneqins to show this, but when they arrive via mail order they are not drawn in at all. The same goes for Harkila Pro Hunter too.

    (Seeland Trousers, always are a little on the snug size, so you can go up a size.)

    All the best
    Rugged & Tough
    Seeland Country Clothing
    01525 211488

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    Thanks Andrew

    Tried on one today in size 52 and it was a good fit but didnt allow for much underneath so I am opting for the 54



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