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Thread: Badgers

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    Well, we just got the bad news that we did not draw fall turkey tags. I thought it was sure thing. I have already rented the cabin and arranged for the time off so, going to have to figure out something else to hunt. There are badgers, some gray fox, coyotes, bear & mt. lion in the area where we are going hunting. With my 4 kids in tow, badgers my be the only realistic quarry of the bunch. From what I have gathered on this site, badgers in the UK are protected, not here, just the opposite. No closed season, no bag limit. I have never hunted them but have seen them while deer hunting. I don't know anybody that actually hunts for them, they do make a very fine rug mount on a piece of felt. I'm guessing a jackrabbit distress call placed out in the sage might work. Anyone do any damage control hunting for them? If so how do you hunt them?
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    You can't even piss upwind of a badger in this country!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hcm1 View Post
    You can't even piss upwind of a badger in this country!
    did make me laugh but very true.

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    If you can wait until next Tuesday it's National Badger Day over here, and you'll be able to address your query to the esteemed badgerologist Dr Brian May.

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    Badgerologist, that's a good one. I don't know why badgers are on the hit list over here. They really don't seem to bother anyone. Perhaps from times gone buy, and since nobody really gives a rip about them, they never bothered to change the laws. Better keep my mouth shut or the antis will see this and find out we have badgers in Oregon and get them protected. Going hunting on 10/16.

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    Once saw a guy in the states on the telly, showing how to cure Badger hams, might be a line to follow there? ....& funny how our Welsh cousins named them Moch dear, "Earth pig " I think may be a rough translation.
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    I think we may be talking about two quite different (but related) species here.

    American Badger American badger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    European Badger Badger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As hcm1 put it so succinctly, they are surprisingly loved over here by badgerologists and other people who read The Wind in the Willows as a scientific thesis, are fully and indeed separately protected, and only shot under (very strict) licence. Night shooting seems to be preferred, with >22Cf (22-250) calibre required.

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    Many years ago I supplied a shaving brush firm with badger skins, I never found they responded to calls. Today when out calling foxes I see a lot of badgers and seldom if ever do they pay any attention to any of the various calls. They generally seem to be quite happy going about their business worming, turning over cow pats and spreading TB.

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    Talking of badgers you wouldnt want to wake up and find this in you sleeping bag!

    Seriously all the Badgers ive seen at night seem very unimpressed with a lamp on them, if it's legal in your state I would night viz their arses!

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    I call foxes a lot (almost seven nights a week throughout the year), and during all that time I've only had badgers come in on a few occasions (from memory, those included to the sounds of guinea pigs, fox cubs and bunny screams). The rest of the time though - as said above, they completely ignore the caller.

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