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Thread: Advice on budget boots

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    Advice on budget boots

    After watching a nice young lad growing up I thought he had reached a stage in his development to introduce him to the beating line. He is the son of my daughter's best friend and had infinite patience looking after my grandson four years his junior. He enjoyed his day but struggled towards the end. The main reason was probably the fact he had standard wellies rather than more suitable walking boots. Money is tight in his family. I commented to the keeper that I was looking into purchasing a pair of ex army boots for the kid. He said he would go halves. The lad is still growing so to purchase an expensive pair would be a waste of money but there is an endless supply under forty on fleabay. The question is has anyone bought and using a spasific pair of ex forces that they can give a personal recommendation for. There are so many.
    Fairly difficult walking in deep moss but fairly firm under foot. Water proof to a certain extent as on wet days the moss retains a lot of water. I am waiting for size info but would be 8-9 area. Thanks.

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    One of my best buys from here was a secondhand pair of Meindl Douvres for 50, now my go-to boots; don't rule out secondhand.

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    you will get a pair of the ecw goretex boots on the bay for around 50, great boots for the money.
    have a look at haix boots also ex army

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    Thanks just found out through his gran he is a size 9. So progress.

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    S/H pair of lowa gtx fantastic boot

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    another shout for haix boots use there chainsaw boots in work fantastic quality

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    Both Altberg and Haix now supply the army with what are called "high liability" boots. I've no idea what that means but I have a pair of the Haix and they are good boots - I've about 7 pairs of boots in use at the minute from all the big names etc. and the Haix are certainly not any worse than any of them. I haven't tried the surplus Altberg ones but they are a little harder to get. The Haix ones I bought were listed as "grade 1" but that I could see were unworn and I got them from these people:

    Footwear - British Military Surplus

    One thing I will say is that the Haix boots needed a little more breaking in than some, though not all, of my commercially bought boots. However they are a little higher and I must be an odd shape as it always takes me longer to break in higher legged boots.
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    You don't say how old he is, but we have this all the time in the store.
    Can I recommend a good pair of wellies and some really good quality thick welly socks. If his feet are growing then he will be out of them quick enough. Or if his feet have stopped growing save up for a good pair of boots in due course. Wellies never look out of place on a shoot.

    An excellent Sock is the Jack Pyke Wellington Boot sock, we have sold them for years and they are great quality.

    Buying second hand is a real gamble as they might be 50 worth but could be leaking or the gait might be set. Unless you can see them for real or a good set of images, stay clear. Also, I would pay using Paypal or credit card which helps protect the purchase should things go wrong as Paypal has a route of redress and the credit card company is also liable as they are responsible for the purchase too.

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    Lowa GTX and Altbergs are to be recommended. Also agree that decent wellies and thick socks may be suitable?

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    I have a used pair of army issue Altberg combat boots and they're fantastic. Light, comfortable, and they even stay waterproof as long as they're treated after each outing with the proper Altberg leather treatment. The boots were I think about 40 and like brand new when received. I have the Lowe desert boots too but they're nowhere near as comfortable. Used Altbergs would be my recommendation on a tight budget.

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