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Thread: Spartan sound moderator baffles

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    Spartan sound moderator baffles

    Hello all

    I recently sent the baffles of my Spartan sound moderator(5yr old) back to Tier-One ( thirdeyetacical as they were known) as they do get very gas cut from my .204 , this is the 3rd time they would have been serviced.
    ( replacing the SS centre) two of the baffles had severe gas cutting to the baffle

    I was gutted when I was told the company no longer make or stock the baffle for this moderator any more as they have a newer moderator which uses a different size of baffle altogether. They did manage to replace two baffles and replaced the SS centres on the rest .

    Does anybody out there know of any RFD'S who have any baffles ( Tier-One didn't) or know anyone who is scrapping a spartan moderator to salvage the baffles . I do understand the legalities of the baffles which would have to be sent back to the manufacturer who would replace the SS centre to my req diameter.

    I'm doing this to future plan as , I'm very reluctant to have to buy a new mod when these baffles wear out .

    Hope someone out there can help ......neil

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    I have three brand new ones that are fitted with centres for .223 calibre. These are the ones with numerous holes in the sides for porting off the gasses. Are they the same has yours?

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    Dan at :Tacfire Systems | Specialist Rifle Equipment , is a Spartan dealer so may just be able to help you out .

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