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Thread: Phantom grass tipper

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    Phantom grass tipper

    Hi guys, I have noticed on several occasions now that someone has been dumping several black bin bags full of grass cuttings opposite my house. The bin men often won't take them as they are not in the proper green reusable council garden bags.

    Today I just caught sight of the culprits (two men) dumping more bags and hurrying off before I could speak to them. As far as I could see they are not even from the immediate area, the cheeky sods now appear to be making a habbit of it. This type of thing makes my blood boil!

    Does anyone know how this would stand in the eyes of the law? I have a feeling that there is every possibility that I would probably get a right mouthful of abuse when I challenge them on it the next time I see it happening.... Not that this would stop me though.
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    Personally I'd not bother to confront them as its not worth the hassle

    just right the reg down and report them for dumping

    if you have camera evidence even better

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    My line of work this, in Scotland you would report it to SEPA ( not sure what the body is down south) who are duty bound to investigate it. It doesn't matter what they are dumping, it's still classed as fly tipping which carries a maximum penalty of 6 months or £20 K fine.
    Report them !

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    That's the answer. Litter and tipping is these days policed by local councils. So get the vehicle number, photos if you can without endangering yourself and call the council and ask for the enforcement team.

    Although perhaps them seeing you taking an interest will have the desired effect anyway.

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    Thanks for the advice guys.

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    We had a phantom grass clippings tipper in the next village. On foot, not in a car. And she was seen and then followed back to where she lived. Wiser heads however decided that a 'phone call to the council was the wiser action than doing a midnight dump of the offending clippings on her front door step. I think that a call to the council is best advice. Taking matters into one's own hands is not sensible.

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    if it is on the road it is the council's problem
    if it is on the verge it is the land owners problem

    suggest some judicious relocation into the road and a call to the council fly tipping line!

    I pulled over a fly tipper and got the police involved
    turned out he was charging people to get rid of their waste and dumping it down my parent's track

    cost him a couple of grand and his truck!

    catch the barstewards in person or on camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    I pulled over a fly tipper and got the police involved
    turned out he was charging people to get rid of their waste and dumping it down my parent's track

    cost him a couple of grand and his truck!
    There's a woman local to me that's just been fined £900 for fly tipping. She claims that she had paid a "man in a van" to take it all away so
    1. She's lied and had tipped it, so tough
    2. She's been had by the van driver and has now had to pay twice!

    Either way, either chuck it in the boot and drive it to the tip yourself, or pay the council to come and collect it. Sometime the shortcuts just aren't that short!
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    I have some of them *******s a house full of eastern block they don't give one as to the rules all manner of garden rubbish and house hold crap gets dumped then we the English have to call to get it removed did once lob a tv back into there garden as it was in the road blocking my drive? i'v got cctv now so I know its them but ha ho they are above the laws ????? poor things

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    Perhaps a small sign at the dumping location stating 'Do not dump your grass clippings here, you're being watched' may do the trick?

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