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Thread: scope rings advice needed

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    scope rings advice needed

    Ok guys I have a sako a11 243 with 1
    In mounts I need 30mm mounts but my question is this the mounts I have are tapered on the base so Wat mounts do I need will sako 75 fit or tika ones been offered optilocks will they fit my gun the 1 in mounts I have are one pice any advice will be appreciated as I'm stuck not knowing which ones I need also if anybody has some mounts that will fit for sale that would be even better cheers bob

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    From my experience most sako actions use the same tapered rails so yes optiloks should fit you the just buy the ring size and height you want and bolt on top of the base.

    If I remember correctly there are about three different base sets for different action lengths, also just to confuse things.

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    Here is a PDF you can download which shows all the combinations of rings and bases which fit your rifle.
    Scope mounts | SAKO

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    This is an L581 but the bases & rings were made for your Sako too:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks guys I've got some opilocks coming so hopefully I'm sorted

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