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Thread: one rifle??

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    one rifle??

    would I be daft to trade two tikka t3's blue synthetic in .243 and .308 for a sako 85 in .270? have never really warmed to the .308 since buying it and end up using the .243 for 90% of my shooting. I mostly shoot red hinds but shoot 5 or 6 stags a year as well as about 30 foxes and the odd roe. been thinking of this for a while and my thinking is if im going to do it nows the time before the hinds come into season. every time I shoot the .308 im worried about the arc of the bullet, I know its in my head but it affect my confidence in the rifle and makes me grab the .243 every time. plus there is the saying of the man with only one rifle, and only having to remember one lot of ballistics etc. hearts not set on a .270 yet but seems to be a good all rounder for reds down to foxes whilst being pretty flat shooting (similar bullet drop to the .243)

    just wondered if anyone has done the same and if they have missed the flexibility of having two rifles?

    thanks all and sorry for another calibre thread!!


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    Do it but for a 30/06. The .270 is great but a 30/06 is better for a 1 rifle guy. The arc thing is nothing to worry about.

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    I would get the same rifle in 270, not switch brands. Tikka's have the same barrels as SAKO's. You lose nothing by staying with the Tikka brand and have a rifle you already are familiar with.~Muir

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    Your obviously not happy with your current setup and probably never will have confidence in it

    sell them both and buy the sako 85 , shoot it lots and enjoy sako ownership

    and buy a small .22 hornet and enjoy small quiet C/F shooting aswell

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    I'd keep 2 rifles, I wen't down the same road with the 6.5x55 thinking it was enough for the shooting I do and low and behold last time home I broke the extractor claw on my Sauer 101. Whilst waiting on parts I ended up purchasing a fantastic second hand Blaser R93 offroad in .243 just so I will always have a second rifle to go to if anything else should happen to anyone of them.

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    I'd prefer a T3 over a any Sako. reason is one has a good selection of aftermarket bits. You can turn the T3 into your dream rifle.
    Get a hunter scope with ASV or small target turrets such as a S&B precision hunter. Zero at hundred and shoot some targets out to say 300m, adjusted to the range... you will be astonished how accurate the 308 T3 can be. 243 and a sister rifle in 308 is a great combination. Btw. every cal drops, after say 250m you'll have to adjust with any of them.
    I just looked at Federal ballistic chart. zeroed at 200m drops at 300m are the following:
    243 100gr Nos Partition 25.3cm
    308 150gr Nos Partition 25.4cm
    270 150gr Nos Partition 24.0cm
    270 130gr Nos Partition 20.8cm

    not that dramatic...

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    Tomm how much difference do you think the arc of a 243 with 100gn ammo and the arc of a 308 with 150 gn ammo is

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    I've done exactly what you are considering, outed my .243 and bought a Sako 75 in.270, it's the only rifle I can see me needing from fox to wild boar, as for a T3 over a Sako why buy a Tikka and spend on it to make it your dream rifle when you can buy a Sako and already have your dream rifle without having to mod it any way.

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    I understand where you are coming from.
    i have a .243 and 30-06, i always used to pick up the .243, but now i have started to lean towards the 30-06, i use a 180 grain out of it, and have now got used to it's ballistics.
    But, i would never get rid of my .243, Sako 75, stainless, what's not to like?
    But if you are hell bent on one rifle, get a 30-06

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    Hi Tomm, I have a Remy 700 in 243, and a CZ in .222, I recently bought ( off here) a Browning X Bolt composite stalker in 270, and am now finding it's becoming my "go to" gun, I think I'll be getting rid of my 243 soon, as it just lies in the cabinet..
    The chap I bought the gun off has a 308, and anther smaller caliber rifle, his only reason for getting rid of the 270 was he felt he had too many rifles, and so, sold the "middle gun"...much like I think I'll be doing.

    Good luck with the 270, you wont regret it...

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