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Thread: Digital or tubed?

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    Digital or tubed?

    Ok so I was going to buy a drone pro for foxing but I have been talking to 3 people now who say dont and to buy something tubed!

    What are everyone elses experiences?

    I see alot of people on the forums raving about the new drone pro.

    Personally I am totally new to the whole nv thing and I have absoloutly no experience with it.

    Been doing a bit of reading on tubed scopes and im swaying to that.

    My question is what tubed nv scope would you buy?

    Is there anyone who has switched from tubed to digital and would rather have digital or are there people on here who have tried digital and went back to tubed?

    Any helpful responses are always appreciated.

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    I'm not an NV fan as a lamp does the job fine for me

    but I'd choose a tubed NV unit over digital any day as with a tubed NV you are shooting at what you see whereas digital NV you are looking at your quarry on a screen if you get what I mean

    digital will never be better than a gen 2 or 3 NV tube setup no matter how good people say digital is
    afterall the military don't use digital NV do they

    starlight make the best units in the UK I.e archer , longbow etc

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    Digital or tubed?

    Digital for me .... Why?
    1) price
    2) I didn't fancy having something that could get,inadvertently knackered by accidental exposure to sunlight or bright light to burn the tube. Lense cap knocked off or me being clumsy etc.

    Never really looked thru tubed other than a basic Starlight archer low grade tube and yes it was good .
    But my drone is superb ( to me) . And I can use during day to zero or check it .

    Got the knowledge that back up service from Carl Moore is top notch and the guy tell it as is and won't blow smoke upper backside ..... That means a lot to me when spending 4 figures on an item.

    A lot of tubed stuff you getting no,warranty at all as it can be ex military ...
    Not,all of,course but I'm unaware of star lights rep... You have to ask someone who experience of them


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    Digital has come quite a long way - not least because of the advances in IR sources that make driving them much more effective - and I can see another step coming where the screen resolutions get better. While it may be considered more robust in terms of day/night, it is some way from delivering the performance of tubed NV. Of course it dominates the lower end of the market and has forced a drop in price of some tubed NV.

    Tubed as an image intensifier, tends to have better definition and is less reliant on IR. The days of burnout because of exposure to light are all but gone with autogating technology freely available. I'm not quite sure where the comments about lack of warranty are coming from TBH - there are plenty of commercially available units out there, more than capable and carrying warranties - for what they are worth. There are of course ex-milspec units kicking round with amazing capability, but with risks attached, which are not for some.

    The Drone Pro is a great tool, without doubt and backed by a great guy in Cal Moore - but if I were spending that sort of money, I would definitely consider and compare tubed before committing. The debate of dedicated over add on is also worth considering carefully, especially if new to the market as you say you are. I have tried/used/owned a fair amount of NV in my time. I have come to the point where digital is fine, but for any spend over 1,000 I would be seeking a tube. I also prefer add on to dedicated, because it suits my shooting style and I do not have main rifles tied up as NV ones (yet).

    I can only encourage you to get out and try as much as you can, think hard about the shooting you believe you are going to do and make a hard nosed non-emotional decision based on those findings.

    You will not be disappointed with a Drone Pro - but it has a fair bit of competition in that sort of price range and predominantly from tubed gear. The Pulsar N750A is probably the only other digital unit punching in that price bracket. Against a Starlight Archer or something like an ATN PS28, I definitely go with one of those. But that is me.
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    Well I have had a pvs 14 and a gen 2 tubed scope before and to be honest, I don't want to go back there,

    Im a great fan of the drone pro simply for the cost and the first class service from mr Carl Moore, I have one my shooting partner has one, both the keepers on my estate have them after I got them for them, the keeper next door and his assistant have ordered the new drone pro x10.

    And now I have built my own long lasting battery pack, sorted my illuminator out I will not be going looking for anything else except the latest model in the future,

    Drone Not priceless but Great gear,


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    I can use my digital during the day which is handy for zeroing up. Your not going to do that with a tube in the summer.

    Pulsar DFA75

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    Ok so there seems to be no right or wrong here, maybe each has its place in different situations?
    Though one thing I see is that the drone is very expensive for a digital unit compared to a tubed which seem to have come down in price.

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    I can use my Longbow day and night, but the price ?

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