Hi all, I'm looking for some advice here from those 'in the know' as it were.
I'm currently running a Sako 75 s/s in 22-250 with a laminate stock (not a light combo) and a Tikka M595 s/s in 308 with a synthetic stock (quite a light combo) both are adorned with T8's.
After reading several reviews about DPT over barrel mods and having had a good hands on look at them at the Midland recently I'm thinking of taking the plunge and replacing both T8's with DPT's.
My main concerns are;
Sound attenuation, how do they compare? I realise there will always be a trade-off between the two (T8's are good in this respect)
Muzzle flip, especially on the lighter 308?

Any advice from members with relevant experience would be very gladly received

Many thanks in advance.