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Thread: Who should get the birds?!

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    Who should get the birds?!

    We have a small shoot. About 9 guns that pay in, plus a few extra beaters that just come for a fun day out. Thing is we don't shoot huge numbers of birds, maybe 20-30 some days and quite often there's not enough to share around. Who should be priority for the birds.? Guns that pay in for the day, or the beaters who've given their time and effort to help??

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    work out a little rota,put clip board up whoever collects this time misses next time type of thing dont have to use names just groups or teams,or to make it simpler still ask them, i know on my last shoot everyone wants something but there was allways an excess ,

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    The guns. Any spares can go to the beaters but if you are not paying the beaters make it up with a couple of days for them before the end of the season.

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    How much are dead pheasants worth nowadays, 30p? Not worth worrying about. Give them to the beaters.

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    Out of courtesy ... your beaters should be offered the birds first as without them you don't get any sport.

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    If you don't pay the beaters then I would say they should have some recompense for providing the opportunities for the paying guns…but then I am a beater.

    On the best shoot I beat on, (50 - 70 bird days) I am paid, given lunch and a bottle of beer, and a share of the birds after the guns have been offered the cleanest braces.


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    Yes. My policy has been beaters first, as we don't really pay, a day of shooting at the end maybe, and they've made the effort to come and help. I would of thought any genuine sportsman would agree with this?

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    The paying guns should have there choice first and the beaters share out the rest. The beaters always deserve payment for a good days work and also a bacon sandwich and mug of tea before the start.

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    Well, if it was deer, the paying guns would have to pay extra if they wanted to take any home!
    Give them to the beaters I reckon - they deserve it.

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    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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