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Thread: Large mammals return to Chernobyl

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    Large mammals return to Chernobyl

    I was just reading that some large mammals have returned to Chernobyl including Roe deer.

    I wonder what effect a high level of background radiation would have?

    Maybe giant mutant 24 point Roe bucks?
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    I don't think I would wanna risk and have a look, but it would be interesting to see.

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    A good friend of mine has family near a place called Gornostaypol and he has told me over the years some remarkable stories about just what is to be found, huge crops of fruit & vegetables, lots of wildlife, especially deer & pigs, and huge quantities of wild mushrooms. I know it sounds weird but he tells me none of the elders really worried about the radiation issues they had been warned about as they had survived Stalin's holdomor which was an instigated famine that killed millions, the soldiers came to their house and took all the food, and found her hiding a cow in the cellar, as punishment they hung men from the village from the electricity poles and gutted them.. Since the disaster at Chernobyl initially killed off most of the wildlife they have over the years seen the area literally blossoming as never seen before and so took complete advantage of it, I will try to dig out some picture of an apple tree in his grandmas garden that had football size apples year after year.
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    I bet there easily spotted in the dark

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    Would you eat anything from there ???

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    The original scientific article points out that the resurgence of wildlife is due to the lack of interference/hunting pressure by mankind.

    The "safety" of eating all fauna and flora is still the same, don't. It's all going to kill you.


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    There was a documentary on the discovery channel a year or so ago, its not just Roe but Reds, Moose, Bison and Boar. There was an ongoing study on a resident pack of Wolves, the animals do not appear to be suffering from any radiation problems. In short the area is beginning to resemble the post Ice Age hunting paradise that must have drawn our ancient Mesolithic ancestors back into northern Europe.

    atb Tim

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    There was a TV program that visited the area recently looking for river life. It's in the River Monster series. They found some pretty large cat fish but could not stay long as the background radiation was still high.
    Interesting episode.

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    Never mind Chernobyl, it's only in the last few years that the radiation level here in the Highlands has been considered low enough for the resident sheep to enter the food chain.

    An unusually high % of cancer cases probably caused by Chernobyl as was predicted at the time.

    No enough effects of Chernobyl here, don't think I will be going there any time soon.

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