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Thread: Bino's

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    Hello to all
    Im a relative newby to stalking & am slowly building up my stalking equipment.
    Im looking to buy a good set of Bino's & as much as I'd love a Gucci set of all singing/dancing range finding glasses that's just not going to happen soon!
    Can anyone recommend a good pair for deer spotting, probably up to the value of 300, I'd like a reliable pair & would consider a used pair.
    Any advice appreciated.

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    Have a look at the minox range of binoculars.

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    another vote from me for Minox. I have the BV 8 x 42 model and cost me 120 from the Sportsman Centre. I am very happy with the BVs. regards SBM

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    Buy Leica even if they need to be second hand to look through there is not better.
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    Buy secondhand aswell

    you'll get a good S/H pair of Binos for that

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    I believe Mcloads of Tain are very good.
    If I were starting again I think I would (that's a lot of I's) look at second hand Swarovski 7 or 8x.
    If you get 10 year old set they will still have 10-20 years warrenty depending on model chosen.

    Good luck.

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    Does a warranty still stand even if the item is no longer owned by the original buyer?

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    Cheers Ted.

    SACS Member. DSC 1.

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