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    Spotting Scopes

    I find that I have a problem with a spotting scope where the eye piece is at an angle. Dos anyone know of a spotting scope with an in line eye piece, like a telescope, or do you just use a telescope? Sorry if this seems a silly question

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    Most spotting scope manufacturers do both straight and angled versions. For instance Kowa do both in each model with odd number (i.e. TSN1 / TS611 / TSN 823 etc) being angled and the even numbers (TNS2 / TS612 / TSN824) being straight.

    Just as matter of interest what are you using the scope for and why do you have an issue with the angled versions? I do a lot of TR shooting and find that the angled version requires much less head movement if you get it in the right place.

    Hope this helps


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    I find angled eyepieces easier to use once you've aquired the target,but initially trying to get onto
    it isn't quite as straightforward. It's probably just a matter of practice though. As mentioned,most if not all manufacturers make both angled and straight versions.

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