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Thread: Rimfire barrel

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    Rimfire barrel

    Dos a new rimfire barrel need run in?

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    My opinion- Give it a good clean and degrease and start shooting it

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    17/or 22,if its 22 i didnt that was new it shoots better than me,i used to clean it too but check old threads on here,atb doug,

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    I took a new target rifle to the Eley factory to get batch tested , they didnt want to see it till it had shot 1000 rds. Not sure why they recon the barrel needs that many rounds to be broken in as it shot well from new.

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    I clean mine with 40gr lumps of lead at around 1050fps...
    it was run in the same way.....

    i have 3x.22lr, .17m2, .22wmr, .17hmr......
    none were run in
    see no issues with accuracy now or then.....other than with the crap hmr ammo I have!

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    No barrel needs to be run in including rimfires. Just shoot it and don't clean it.~Muir

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