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Thread: Burris Signature Zee Rings for 22 Rimfire

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    Burris Signature Zee Rings for 22 Rimfire

    Now I will be impressed if someone has a set of these squirrelled away somewhere!!

    Burris Signature Zee Rings for 22 Rimfire - so 1" med height rings for a .22LR CZ 452 rifle. These are different to the centre fire version.



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    hi hh , I'm pretty sure I have a set of these as new in their original package, they are quite low ( I think classed as medium though ) but would only take a 40mm scope at max, I'm at work until tmw pm but will check for you then

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    Cheers Craig,

    They only appear to do medium, high and extra high, but not low.


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    Hi hh

    The ones I have are custom steel rings .22 deluxe, medium height , ref number is 420069. If any good I can send some pictures over if you pm your email address

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    Hi Craig,

    The ones I am after have the plastic inserts - does yours?



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    Sorry matey , not these ones, good luck with your search

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    Hmm I might have some of these, I will look tomoz. Which height did you want? Medium?

    I have these on my HW100s, think I may have diferent heights but not sure I didnt clear out the spares some time ago. Let me have a look.

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    I am after medium rings ideally Burpster.

    Thanks for your help anyway Craig.



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    Sorry, got one set of 420555 High ones not mounted but would like to hang onto them incase I put a biggervscope on either of the HW100s.

    Both sets of Mediums I have are currently on the Weihrauchs!

    Have you tried East Barnet gunshop? They have lots of Burris mounts.

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    Hi Burpster,

    I'll give East Barnet a call later.

    Thanks for the info.


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