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Thread: Sika / Red weights

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    Sika / Red weights

    It may not have been the best of summers, but there are two knobbers in the cold store which were weighed post shot. A Red which weighed 69 kg gralloched and a Sika which weighed 25 kg. Both came from low ground, good feeding areas with relatively low populations. I would consider these to be good weights but don't have much records to go on. Any opinions out there?


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    There can be a great deal of variation between individual animals in the same areas, but these would be average carcase .weights for lowland animals

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    Lowland Reds with me at this time of year are minimum 100kg up to maximum 180kg (larder weight). No experience of sika.
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    Best recorded Sika weight for me in the Borders was 144lbs ready for collection.
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    I think I may may have mistaken my terminology. I meant to refer to what I consider to be very well advanced male calves. (I have recorded red calves born in late April which I think gives them a terrific head start) My part of Ireland is prime beef country and Reds do well in it. A recent Red stag larder weight was 132kg and he was far from being the biggest available. 160 to 180 kg would be recorded in September.
    2 Sika stags from Kildare, which runs to the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains, made 58 kg and 60 kg respectively. These two had already burned off a bit of condition in the rut. A gross Sika stag is an extraordinary sight - a bit like a vietnamese potbellied pig with antlers! Having watched dvd's etc I get the impression that the Irish variant of Sika does not make the size and weights that you get in UK, but I am is open to correction.


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