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Thread: 55 gr GMX for pigs.

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    55 gr GMX for pigs.

    One of my working guns is a 22 250. I started loading speer 63 gr semi pointed pills many years ago after less than good performance from standard copper jacketed 55 gr pills. Most times will see me with a 270 or larger at hand, but there are still times I'll have the 250, & then you can bet I'll run into a lump of a boar. The speer's kill most pigs with well placed shots, but are still poor against the fighting shield on bigger boys. They are great on goats & adequate on small deer. I'm almost through the lot I bought a decade or more ago & its time to think about buying some more or changing to something better (if there is something better?). Are the 55 gr GMX going to be a harder pill & give better penetration? I have no interest at top speed loads, starting loads are fine, its a work gun & only needs to shoot "minute of pig". They are a bit less than $1 each so I'm not worried about the cost if using them in bomb ups.

    Cheers Sharkey
    "Men Who Stare at Deer."

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    They should give good penetration as all monolith bullets do. With weight retention of 95% - 100% they should be more than adequate on pigs. Oh by the way I love my Sierra 63 gr SMPs for antelope in my .22-250. Great little bullet!

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    Cheers Mate. I've ordered a couple of boxes from the gun store & I'll roll up a few up as soon as I get the chance. You haven't tried them yourself on antelope? Are they a bit too hard for them? I've shot a few blackbuck with that 63 gr pill & found it perfect for them also.

    "Men Who Stare at Deer."

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