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Thread: BDS Northumberland

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    BDS Northumberland

    I was a member of the BDS some years ago but let my membership laps. I just joined again and wondered if any members on here were part of the Northumberland Branch?

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    Thanks JCS,

    I had seen this page, I know where they meet its up pastHigham Lakes on the right. I was wondering if anyone on here is a member. And goesto the meetings? I know they reduced the number of meetings, and are not asactive as other BDS Branches in the country.

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    Bobby boy on here is still a part of the committee pm him he'll tell you meeting dates
    Ath tom

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    I have to say I quit the BDS because of the NE branch. The NW branch on the other hand has a lot to commend it.

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    I just had a look through the last BDS magazine, all areas and branches have a page with events and news Except the North East? What’s all that about?

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    I don't have a clue why there's nothing in the recent Deer Magazine for North East branch, It happens occasionally with some Branches , but any Branch is only as good as its members make it & this includes reporting activities to HQ to publish.
    Get involved, contribute, join in & help make stuff happen that you think is important & enjoy.
    That way the society gets fresh ideas & becomes more interesting to be part of.
    Without it, boredom & other negativity can set in & the branch goes through a low period.
    The BDS at branch level is run by its members - not by HQ.
    You don't need to be high & mighty to contribute.


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    Not just the BDS, BASC are the same in this area, you're better off travelling over the border and joining the Scottish equivalents

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    We have had a lot of changes to the running of the NE branch of the BDS, and in it's currant format we only meet 6 times a year due to poor attendances and general apathy of members not willing to travel to the Highlander pub, as it's past ponteland and a good distance for a lot of Durham tyneside and Darlington members, so we decided to take it out and around the region and at our last meeting at delves lane nr Consett we had over 30 members attend an excellent night with a talk on different firearms used over the last 100 years,
    On my position i was NE branch secretary till 2014 but left due to work commitments and Norman Ball is in that post now with Iain Smailes as chairman,
    i will post on here the next meeting date and location if you wish to meet up and see what's going on.
    Not everyone on here seems to like what we do but, hey ho,,,, you cant please everyone.
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    Smailes is Chairman again! Say no more.

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