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Thread: Novices in vehicles...

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    Novices in vehicles...

    Out looking for a hen eater last night with a pal that i presumed had done a fair bit of shooting in his youth... We spied a fox at 200y to the passenger side of my Defender and he took my rifle and tried to get on to it but it was way out front so i got the beanbag on to the bonnet and asked him to pass me the rifle which he did through the drivers door... one up the spout and the safety OFF... Jeeze, i am still shaking 12 hours on!!!
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    Loaded sporting firearms, inside vehicles not designed for this exercise is a gan****k waiting to happen, I have a friend who has the lady luck to thank, for one of his other shooting mates let one go, from a "cleared" rifle, the luck part was the bit that ensured a seat belt clasp was between the muzzle & the very expensive car parked next to his at the debriefing destination,another small dose of luck was the calibre was very small & the round frangible, one up & ready to go is just that!
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    Slightly of topic but I had a stalking client, had him for two days, and the end of the first day, handed me his rifle in slip and asked me if I would clean it and store it in my cabinet till the next day [I am a registered courier covered for transit and can legally store at home address overnight]

    However when I went to clean the rifle found one up the spout, had words with him the following morning, told me he did this everywhere he went, if he got rifle back the following morning with nothing said knew the stalker had not cleaned it, so he would not be tipping, but as I had obviously cleaned it I would be getting a good tip at the end of the day.

    Told him where to stick his tip and sent him packing.

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    I always say to anyone who is rusty or not been shooting before and following a safety chat, "If at any time, for any reason whatsoever I find myself looking down the wrong end of a weapon you are resonsible for, you may expect to eat bits of it without warning and not be invited back" so far its not happened.

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    bogtrotter the man should be banned from ever owning a firearm its not a test.You dont expect it and could be lethal

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    i was out the other night with my neighbour and his son (16 yrs ols and fac/sgc holder but not that bright - public school boy). Toby had just ran across the track from the lambing fields into a valley on the left. i stopped, turned the roof mounted light onto the target which was sitting in a hedgerow, and got set up on the bonnet to take a longish shot. as i was about to pull the trigger an arm came past the window and took a picture of me with a mobile phone. after my arceye had subsided and toby had made a clean getaway i gave the boy both barrells and a extended lesson of true british vocabulary.

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    About 15 years ago my son, then in his early 20s, worked in a very small and expensive country hotel. One evening two guests arrived back from a days stalking and handed their rifles to him to put in the gun room. As he took the first one out of its slip he opened the bolt and ejected a live round. After saying something like oh dear me, well that's what he told me, he put the round in his shirt pocket, locked up the gun room and went back to his duties. Later that evening the two guests, with their wives were at dinner and had ordered a very nice wine, as my son served them he placed the round on the table and, very politely, reminded them that in this country it was normal to unload the rifle before returning. The two stalkers were suitably chastised and did not repeat this.

    There was a good outcome, he received one of his best tips at that hotel when they left.

    Just for info -- the guests were Italian.

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    Just ask the goose guides about Italians! Makes your hair curl...and I haven't got any.

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