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Thread: Ram Prime?

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    Ram Prime?

    I have an Auto Prime which I use for 308s and really enjoy using but don't have the small rifle adaptor for my 222. Does anyone like the ram prime or should I stick to what I know?


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    I used to prime with the ram for years until I got a Lee Auto Primer. It is fiddly but not impossible and the end result is just the same. People always comment on the fact that you have to handle the primers but it never caused me any problems.

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    no feeling doing it in the press
    do it my hand personally

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    I have one and don't find it "fiddly" at all. I use an autoprime but don't have Lee shell holders for some of the odd-ball's I shoot. (577 Snider, 11mm Mauser, etc. ) I use the Ram Prime for these.~Muir

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    i have been using the Lee auto prime now for several years, i have never had any problems with it, in fact i preped and pimed 50 cases for my 270 yesterday. i find it a quick and efficiant way of priming.

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