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Thread: Drag Bags

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    Drag Bags

    Hello folks

    Do any of you use drag bags or that type for transporting your "weapon" to and from a range or when travelling to/from a stalk.

    Im not a "wanna be sniper" but need something well padded and with room for bits and bobs.

    The one that Border barrels have on there site looks good but....................

    Any help welcome, what you use or have seen or just your HO



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    I had oportunity to have look at a Border barrels drag bag, belonging to Lee from that company, I thought it was well thought out, but with anything of quality a little on the pricey side for me, Arktis do a reasonable one too, but If I were allowed a free choice, I would choose one of those on offer at the gamefairs, think it was trademarked target?, most drag bags are available in black or olive drab too, . Steve.
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    I use a mil spec drag bag that is similar to the arktis version, brilliant piece of kit, i would recomend them


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    They can be noisy if dragged over heather, the one I've got sits too low on your back and your heals hit the muzzle when you're walking[I'm not a short arse either, before someone comments!!]

    Good enough idea but I was disapointed

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    jake and i both use a drag bag plenty of room for scope and mod
    lots of pockets for bits and pieces .
    seen the one from border that lee does nice piece of kit as finn says
    maybe a bit pricey for some but not for you mate
    your only problem will be deciding which rifle to put in it

    ATB PETE .

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    I use an Arktis Drag bag from Country covers. I like it because all I have to do is put the rifle and ammo in and Im set to go. Be it targets or deer. Its very well padded and the straps hold the rifle right where you want it.

    Is it expensive? 100 to protect a 1000 of rifle (or whatever it cost)

    Big thumbs up from me.


    P.S Haggle a bit at the end of a game fair, I got mine for 50
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    This one isn't cheap (240 quid) but looks the business and probably room for a German Wire Haired in one of the many pouches!

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    Some of the lads at the range i go to have Aim drag bags not cheap but they look well made .
    Need to have a better look at them for when i get a straight pull AR for range use.

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    AH! Dave, that's the one, Not Target! AIM!... smashing bit of gear!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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