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Thread: Bloody clothing again

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    Bloody clothing again

    Ok, Christmas is approaching, I need a new outfit. Mrs Weeman is prepared to contribute towards one. Loads has been mentioned of harkila. I've tried hharkila, I find it to heavy and with mixed reports spending close to 600 is to much of a punt. I currently have and enjoyed wearing jahti jakt found it to be very good. Light, breathable and rugged never had a problem. So why am I after advice. Well like all I want sometng different. I've already ruled out harkila. There seems so many out there. I'm leaning towards fjallraven as I can get good discount at a shop near me. I've heard good reports about rovince clothing, looks good. What's it like please towards breath ability and weight say compared to harkila.

    I understand everyone's opinions are different are different on a lot of things down to specifications.

    Good clothing deals on here come up. Just a shame everyone is not a stature of myself.

    Now a days, clothing appears to be big thick clothing. I find it hard to believe its as breathable as said.

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    Watching this one with great interest.

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    A "new outfit" for which season??

    My advise, season notwithstanding, is to mix & match. Layering is a key word too and of far more relevance than the brand. Only today I found myself stalking through woodland that felt more like a perfectly humid roe rut August morning than October so soaked was I in sweat even after shedding an Arktis "hot climate shirt" in DPM that I use as a lightweight jacket over a Paramo Mountain Vent Pull-On.

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    Stand by, Vipa inbound.....
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnrazor View Post
    You beat me to it Dz... Arguably the best kit money can buy.. The most breathable, the best engineered, the best built and the most innovative and thought through designs... Their layering systems are amazing.. Light, packable, as breathable as is available with current fabric technology, tough... and the camo, whilst functional actually looks good too (you don't look like a poacher as with some types of photographic camo out there!! lol) Designed by hunters fron the ground up for hunters in some of the harshest environments on the planet!

    The ONLY negative with Kuiu is the fact that you can only get it direct from Kuiu in the states... however, if you follow their sizing guide to the letter, you wont go far wrong...

    Amazing products, amazing company and, for what you get, damned good prices too!!!

    Got quite a bit of their gear now so if you want any real world help and advice from someone who uses the stuff just ask

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    Quote Originally Posted by NigelM View Post
    Stand by, Vipa inbound.....
    Roger... mission successful.. over and out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipa View Post
    Roger... mission successful.. over and out
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnrazor View Post
    I've looked at there's but I'm not after camouflage.

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    If you are after Fjallraven keep an eye on some of the online retailers such as and They have special offers on different products from time to time and you can pick up the Fjallraven hunting jackets at good prices: i.e. the best price I've seen on the Bjorn jacket was 190 compared to 325 rrp from the Fjallraven shop.

    I've got that jacket and it's just about right for UK conditions on it's own and with a light polartec fleece layer is toasty when it gets a bit chilly. Like all Scandinavian jackets you can size down for a good fit.

    If you don't mind last year's styles try the polish Ebay seller superoutlet15:

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