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Thread: Red stag with damaged antler

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    Red stag with damaged antler

    Shot this fella this evening.
    Nasty wound to one antler.....completely snapped off and only just hanging hanging on.
    As it moved it was pushing broken skull into the eye socket and must have been very uncomfortable!
    Never a better beast to cull!
    Otherwise he was in ok nick....perhaps a little thin but nothing drastic.....larder weight of just shy of 77kgs.
    On the recieving end of a beating from another stag perhaps?

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    Nice work. I bet the poor bugger had one hell of a headache. St this time of year the result of a fight I'm sure. Mind you, what did the other guy look like if he hit him with enough force to break the antler off at the skull?
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Looks like he might have had a hammering off a mature stag. Good cull, well done.

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